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Queen of the Damned
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Erotic, Scary Gothic and exciting.
Move over, Dracula.
The Queen has arrived! --Mike Sargent, WBAI-FM/New York

It's her time. It's her place. The wickedly regal Mother of All Vampires is ready again to Rule!
Aaliyah plays the title role in this stylish shocker based on Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles. Stuart Townsend portrays Lestat, the undead antihero. Lestat finds acceptance in a tattooed and pierced world. He's a rock star. And his intoxicating Goth-riffed sound rekindles the desires of all-powerful Akasha.

--from the DVD box

His thirst for life enchanted her.
His thirst for fame awoke her.
His thirst for power may kill us all.

Legendary Vampire Lestat (STUART TOWNSEND) has risen from a decades-long slumber, determined to step out into the light. No longer content with being banished to the shadows, moving among mortals who never truly see him for what he is, Lestat has reinvented himself as the closest thing to a god on Earth: a rock star. The intoxicating lure of his music has snaked its way around the globe, ultimately finding the ear of the slumbering ancient Queen Akasha (AALIYAH) in her crypt. Mother of all Vampires, Akasha has been resting for centuries, waiting for the right time to rise again and seize dominion over the world. Lestat's music is the revelation she has been waiting for, and she desires that he rule beside her. But can Akasha be stopped? Her malevolent power may be too great for even the most ancient of the immortal Vampires to combat - she created them, and their survival depends on her own.

After all, Akasha is used to getting everything she wants... and all she wants is Hell on Earth.

--from the official site

"QUEEN OF THE DAMNED is an energetic and innovative rendition of the Vampire Chronicles, featuring fine performances, and a magnificent look. Well directed, elegant and intriguing, the film is surely destined to take its place among notable modern interpretations of vampire mythology."- -- Anne Rice

This community is for Queen of the Damned movie-lovers Not too many rules here, just get along. No fighting.

What you CAN do:
-Quote the film
-Tell us anything and everything you know about it or the two books its *based* on (The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned).
-Tell us your favorite parts.
-Tell us why you like the movie.
-Talk about the good characters and the BEST characters.
-Talk about the other movies the actors have been in (preferably behind an LJ-cut).
-Talk about the characters
-Shipping between the characters
-The movie in general

No QotD quizzes unless they are behind an LJ-cut

New Rule:

No VC RPG advertising posts. This is not a RPG advertising community. Other VC-related communites may allow that. But this one does not. So if you merely joined just to advertise your comminty, please don't, you may post on anything else here thats VC related, including the actors. Accept for that I find them (VC RPG adverts) annoying and I delete them the second I see them . But please don't think I'm being mean. Other than No-QotD movie bashing, thats my only other rule. Please understand.

I don't want this community to be cluttered with them. On any Other VC, or Anne Rice community that may be fine, but we are a much smaller group, and more likely to become quickly cluttered with them. Most other VC communities get posted to on an almost daily basis, our posts are sporadic and randomly posted.

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